About Stephon

Hello, my name is Stephon Parker and I’m a FullStack Software Developer from New York State. My goal is to work with others to build cool and interesting projects while educating others on the value of a well built application. I have experience in C#, Java, and Python with an extensive background in .NET Framework and .NET Core.

I am a freelance web developer and the owner of Sustaive LLC. I’m constantly learning about new technologies and often can be found deep in some tech blog or reading software focused articles on Medium.

I am the host of a podcast called Spark Connections where I interview individuals within the tech industry and talk through their journeys as they navigate the industry.

I have started recording content to add to my YouTube channel with small instructional videos to introduce beginners in code to basic concepts. It is my belief that by creating content and educating others that something I put out will lead at least one person to identifying their purpose in like and as long as I do that I’ve done all that I set out to do in this world. My secondary goal is to increase the visibility of Black developers in the STEM field overall. Through these efforts I know I will make an impact on the field and how others see it.

That is me in a nutshell. If you want to connect or have more questions please reach out to my using the contact page.

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