Working During A Pandemic is Not The New Normal

As we approach month ten in the pandemic I’m consistently hearing sources discuss the idea that we need to develop a plan for the new normal. Well, in 29 years of living I’ve never experienced a pandemic before so in my frame of reference none of what we are experiencing is normal. A mass extinctionContinue reading “Working During A Pandemic is Not The New Normal”

Let’s Talk About Git

I know what you’re thinking, not another Git article. Well, this was supposed to be a video, but one wind storm and falling tree limb later my office space finds itself in need of a face lift. Until then, I did want share this as it scares me the number of developers who aren’t familiarContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Git”

Combating Imposter Syndrome in Technology

In my 10 years as a software developer I’ve struggled a lot with feeling like I’ve earned any of the positions I’ve been in. From a junior developer to engineering manager I’ve always questioned whether I’m good enough, and from what I see in the field I’m not the only one. That being said, I’veContinue reading “Combating Imposter Syndrome in Technology”

What’s In My Tech Bag 2020?

My wife will happily share how much she loves a good purse and loves to coordinate them with her outfits, all the fun stuff. When I think of a good backpack I focus on three major areas ascetics, functionality, and longevity. I happily rocked the original The North Face Jester for men from high schoolContinue reading “What’s In My Tech Bag 2020?”